Get Tips How to Boss Matka Game Work?

The concept of boss Matka game is different from any other game as it includes three things the market, the bookmaker, the player. The market is the organizer who organizes the game. The market is particularly the owner of the game or the particular Market. The bookmaker is known as the bookie that accepts the bets and pays the winner. Booker role is very important in the boss Matka. The player is the person who plays the game, picking the random number to make money.

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Role of the market, player, and bookmaker in the game

The roles of the people that are involved in the Matka game differ. Some of the roles of the are people involved in the game are mentioned below:-

The BossMarket 

  1. Maintain the integrity of the game so that in order to maintain the interest of the players.
  2. The market declares the results and also makes sure that it is announced on time.
  3. It is the responsibility of the market to make sure that the bookie of the game is not under any heavy payment risk.
  4. The main responsibly of the market is to expand the market.

The bookmaker 

  • The main role of the bookmaker is to accept the best from the players.
  • The bookmaker is responsible for paying the winning amount to the winner.
  • The bookmaker hedge risky bets and then forward it to the top-level bookie.

The player

  • The player’s role is to play the game and to make money.
  • The player goes to the bookie in order to play.
  • The player chooses the number on the basis of mere guesswork, or by calculation, or by adopting some tricks.

There are different roles and responsibilities of the people who are involved in the BossMatka game.

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