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indian matka,Boss matka
!! Welcome Freinds To The World Of Matka India Net Guessing Matka Group !!
What is life, if not a gamble? Yes, you all will agree. After all, we win and lose and still carry on with our lives. Same is the game of gambling or Kalyan Matka. At gambling the deadliest sin is to mistake a bad game with bad luck. With Kalyan Matka, listed on Matka Indian, every day is a lucky day. You can win thousands and lakhs of cash by playing just one game. You have to pay a nominal amount of INR 3100 as an advance to play this exciting game online. You will be sent pairs (Jodi) and cards (Patti) through SMS. All you have to do is to book your chance of becoming a millionaire. We take 100% winning guarantee on every booking. We offer lucrative welcome bonuses if you are our lucky players. We do not ask for any irrelevant information on Kalyan Matka. Your details are secured with us and we strictly abide by confidentiality clause to protect our players. We are a trusted site where you can securely make real-money transactions. For achieving the desired Kalyan Matka result, always think like a winner. Stay focused on your moves and keep on telling, YOU CAN WIN.

OPEN TO CLOSE (दि.21)indian matka,Boss matka
SINGAL:- ओपन 5555 Passs क्लोज 2222 Passs
PANNA:- Weekly Patti (( 159 )) Passs
JODI:- मटका इंडिया का वादा उम्मीद से जादा
OPEN TO CLOSE (दि.21)indian matka,Boss matka
SINGAL:- 7777 Passs
PANNA:- Dp पत्ती सिरिज 22 Passs And Close Patti (( 257 )) Passs
JODI:- मटका इंडिया का वादा उम्मीद से जादा
indian matka,Boss matka Kalyan Bossmatka,sattaking,Madhur matka
~ बुधवार 22 मार्च ~
➥ आज कल्याण मुंबई मटका बाजर मे स्पेशल सिंगल ओपन के साथ स्पेशल सिंगल जोड़ी और पत्ती निकाली गयी है !
➥ जो हर बार कि तरह इस बार भी गारंटी से पास होगी !
➥ जोड़ी और पत्ती दोनो SMS द्वारा मिलेगी !
➥ गारंटी चांस १००% पास जो बुकिंग करेगा उसे गेम मिलेगा !
सिर्फ़ 3100 Rs रुपये.
Weekly Patti Chart
1= | 146 | 290 | 489 | 560 |
2= | 129 | 345 | 480 | 570 |
3= | 157 | 247 | 256 | 689 |
4= | 149 | 158 | 257 | 356 |
5= | 159 | 230 | 258 | 690 |
6= | 178 | 259 | 268 | 367 |
7= | 160 | 278 | 359 | 368 |
8= | 260 | 350 | 440 | 990 |
9= | 270 | 379 | 478 | 568 |
0= | 136 | 145 | 479 | 569 |
0= | 136 | 145 | 479 | 569 |
Weekly Jodi Chart
2= | 24 | 26 | 27 | 29 |
3= | 34 | 35 | 36 | 38 |
5= | 52 | 56 | 57 | 58 |
6= | 61 | 63 | 64 | 69 |
8= | 82 | 84 | 86 | 89 |
9= | 91 | 94 | 97 | 90 |
➥ FASTEST SATTA MATKA RESULT LIVE ZONEBossmatka,sattaking,Madhur matka
Milan Day
( open-03:05 close-05:05 )
Rajdhani Day
( open-03:02 close-05:02 )
( open-04:05 close-06:05 )
Rajdhani Ngt
( open-09:15 close-12:00 )
Milan Night
( open-09:05 close-11:05 )
( open-09:30 close-12:05 )
~ जिन्दगी मे नसीब से जादा नसीब से कम किसी को कुछ नही मिलता, मिलता उसी को हे जो अपना नसीब आजमाता हे ~
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Play, Win and Enjoy With Indian Matka

Matka is one of the most popular games in India. People love the excitement of playing with trusted matka and win great amounts. This is what has allowed various choices to play for the people. However, selecting a secure environment becomes extremely important if you don’t want to worry about the loss. With the right platform, you can understand Indian matka better and play to always win without getting worried about the loss at all.
Here we invite you to the Boss matka. Being one of the leading websites for the Matka play, we have the most reliable environment where you can enjoy the game. We take care of all your needs and help you with the required information, so that, you can take the right decision at the right time. You never have to worry about the loss ever with us. Our sole purpose is to always keep you on the profitable side, so that, you can win some extra money. Our expert tips and reliable information helps you achieve your desires.

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Bossmatka makes betting extremely easy and sure for you. Our information about the lucky number guessing helps you take the right decision and play with confidence. We believe in making the game more enjoyable and that become possible with the full assurance of the lucky numbers we provide to all users. You can trust us when it comes to betting with surety. The game becomes exciting and you don’t get worried about losing. All our efforts are for your winning and the spirit of the quality game.
Satta matka offers lucky number guessing with other information. When you carefully combine all these information, the chances of winning gets pretty much hundred percent. All you need to do is find our hot guesses that we provide for everyday betting. Along with that, you can also get our help to find various details associated with the betting every day. We are always there to help you out with our assistance.

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We, at Sattamatka, make it easier for you to play with our tips. The website includes multiple valuable tips on playing and betting with assurance. You just need to carefully follow the tips in order to improve the winning chance every time. With our tips, many players have gained extra cash by playing. Our group has the experts who understand the game very well. These experts help you with the tips when you become the user.
When you come to Indian matka, we help with the tips on today’s matka number, Matka result and other information. The tips bring a sense of confidence and allow you enjoy the game and win a lot every single day.
So, whenever, you need to play, come straight to Boss matka in order to get valuable tips and play. We will help you out with everything that you desire to play conveniently.

Comprehensive Matka results for all markets

For Bossmatka, your convenience is the prime goal to ensure that we provide comprehensive results for all markets. You can find the results for the Matka in order to make it comfortable for you. Getting the result is easy, all you need to do is come to our website and browse through the results’ section. All the results are organized properly to make it easy. You can pick the results you want to see on our website.
Our website provides a complete result for the markets such as Kalyan Matka, Mumbai, Milan & Rajdhani open & Close, Panna, Jodi & Ank and many others. Our results include the time and date along with it. Plus, the organized approach towards the result presentation makes it easier for you.
When you have our website, the results never become hard to find at all. We have a wide network that makes us reliable when you want accurate results. We ensure that no errors or mistake confuse you. Our results have accuracy, which impresses our users and makes us a reliable choice for the players of Satta Matka.

Why choose us?

To play and enjoy, you need a secure environment and proper guidance. And that is what makes us the perfect choice for the Matka game play. Indian matka provides you the security, assurance and the guidance all together on the website. You not only get all the information but also attain valuable guidance and tips on playing. The game gets more exciting and the chances of losing go away. No need to stay uninformed and play blindly with you has us by your side.
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Call us now to find any information!

Our team is always ready to help you out with all your needs. You can call is to know about the time and dates and other information regarding the Satta Matka. We upgrade our information every day. This way, you always get the latest news and information along with the assistance.
If you have more questions about our services or want our help, feel free to contact us. You can give us a call and get all your answers. Let us be the resource you desire to play.

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